Here you can find the requirements, our experience, important reminders and Frequently Asked Questions regarding your child (7y/o & below) or your baby’s Philippine passport application.


One of the things we want to value in our family is to make memories through travelling. I know my baby will definitely go to places so the first document that I ever thought of her having is a passport. I immediately searched everything that are needed for the application and prepared it right away. I also tried to book a schedule but it’s so sweet to know that we can just walk in! 




This courtesy lane is available to: (information from

  1. Senior citizens (60 years and over) with proof of age
  2. People with disabilities (PWDs) with proof of disability
  3. Solo parent with valid solo parent card, and his/her minor children
  4. Minors seven (7) years old and below and his/her parents and minor siblings
  5. Pregnant women
  6. Overseas Filipino Workers (Land and Sea based) with valid proof of status.


Just a reminder for everyone, you cannot just walk-in anytime because DFA sites has already imposed a cut off. For some sites, their cut off is until 2pm and for others, they have this certain number of people who can only walk in for the day.


Requirements for passport application of children 7y/o and below:

    Accomplished Application Form (click here for Blank Application Form)
    Personal Appearance of minor applicant and either parent or authorized adult companion
    Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate
    Passport or Valid Government issued ID of either parent .
    School ID (if applicable)
    Marriage Certificate is required if only one parent is accompanying the child

    If parents are unmarried, an Affidavit of Support and/or Consent executed by the Mother will be required if she is not accompanying the child.
    If Affidavit of Support and/or Consent is executed abroad, it must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate
  • Sharing to you as well our own experience and the steps that we took when we were already inside DFA.


    So we went to Robinsons Novaliches DFA site at 10:00am because the mall opens at 10. There is no line and they just asked us to log in a log book of the people who belongs to the courtesy lane.


    Step 1: we passed our application form to the first window


    Step 2: we waited for our baby’s name to be called and we passed the additional requirements and documents mentioned above


    Detour: we were asked to go back because the certificate of live birth that we brought was not valid. Our baby is just 3mos old that time and her PSA birth certificate is not yet ready. So we went to city hall for an authenticated copy of her birth. Little did we know, we also need to go to PSA itself to authenticate what the city hall already gave us. To cut the long story short, we just waited for my baby’s birth certificate to be released on her fourth month before we went back to DFA.


    Step 3: Payment. We were asked to pay for 1,200 pesos so I thought maybe courtesy lane people were all for the expedite processing of their passports.


    Step 4: Picture Taking. This is the only thing that I wish DFA could improve. My baby was just 4mos old when we went there yet the staff told us to let her seat on the small bench. It was a bit inconvenient for us since our baby can’t sit yet during that time. I’ve heard that other sites has a table where they lie down the baby who still can’t sit down so I hope this applies to all of their sites.


    Step 5: Pick up or delivery. We chose pick up and were glad that it is already available on the date that they wrote on the claiming receipt.


    Important Reminders

    1.  CAPITAL PHOTOCOPY. It is not on their site but the moment we enter DFA, they are already announcing that you should bring atleast one photocopy of the documents that you brought with you. Including the parents’ passports.
    1. Come early. Please go there before lunchtime because as I have said earlier, DFA sites has a cut off. Some told me that they didn’t get into the number of people accommodated for the day and one of my friends told me that she was asked to come back because their cut off is 2:00PM.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will they let me remove my baby’s earrings?


    Well as for our experience, I was trying to delay our application a little bit because I was thinking that they may ask me to remove my baby’s earrings. That was just a few weeks after she got her ear pierced. But when they are already taking her photo, we were not asked anymore to remove her earrings. She was 4mos old that time so I just don’t know for ages 4mos+. Maybe you can call the nearest DFA to make sure.


    2. How many people can apply a passport with the child?


    I am supposed to renew my passport since I still have my maiden name on it so I asked the staff if I could apply with my baby. They confirmed that 1child: 1 companion in applying for a passport. They also told us that parents are the only one, no other relatives or friends, can apply with the child given the perks of being in the courtesy lane.


    3. What will my child wear?

    No dress codes. Just let your child wear decent clothes with sleeves.


    4. How many years is the validity of the passport?

    With the new passport system I thought my baby will be given 10 years of passport validity. But when we got it, it is only valid for the next five years. Maybe they have this notion that facial features will definitely change.


    All of this information is based on what is written at and what we’ve confirmed through experience. I hope this will help you to prepare in applying for your baby or your child’s Philippine passport. 



    Now let’s go to the ends of the earth! 


    Top 15 preggysentials of 15 mommas 

    What’s needed and what really helped – I mean a mountain of pillows is a giveaway haha

    It’s my first pregnancy with my first baby and I have no idea that such could bring so much change in a woman’s mind body and soul haha. I wanted to share something to all mom-to-be’s, whether first time or not, some stuff that you might consider to help you with either of your easy or sensitive pregnancy. As I have said I’m a noob, so for me not to be bias, I asked 14 moms (Im the 15th) with their top preggysentials. Moms who uniquely had an easy and sensitive pregnancy, others are also with their first baby and some with 3 already, and moms who had twins. Putting it all together, here are our top 15 items that “we” found to be very essential in making it and surviving the 40 weeks journey of preggylife. 😊💗

    1. Pre natal vitamins

    I tried different multivitamins, double dose of the required Iron (because my hemoglobin is low), and calcium .

    What also helped me with milk production is Biomega Oil that I took 2 months before giving birth. I really long to breastfeed my baby so I started and invested early. And for the record it worked, so to this day I’m still taking it with calcium to boost my milk supply.

    2.  Comfy shoes

    For me it’s my black soft velvet flat sandals. Other mommas recommended crocs or just simply comfy flat closed shoes for those who go to work or office.

    3.  Stretchable/adjustable pants

    I had this black pants that can be adjusted which I bought for sale in sm dept store and also lots of “Large” f21 leggings. These are good buys because I am so happy I got to use it until today (3 mos postpartum).

    4. Books

    I’ve read few books to get ready for motherhood. These helped a lot, but really there is no manual on being a mama. Realness my friend. I also read books that are not preggy related that ofcourse made me go along and basta I am just into reading books even before I got pregnant so this is a must for me and I am happy to hear that it is as well for other mamas. Here are some of the mama books that I’ve read. 🙂 (All of it were just given and borrowed)

    Baby wise went very very helpful. Also with my frequent asking to other moms who did it with their own babies. I also got rid of the notion of abandoning my little one and not making her feel loved if I use this method. 🙂

    Oh, and if you would consider Google and Pinterest as a book then I’ll say that they’re my ‘go to’ books haha

    5. Moisturizers

    Dry skin and stretch marks are real (well congratulations to those who didn’t have any of it as a problem). Some mama’s used lotions and stretch mark creams. As for me it’s body butter, human nature lavender oil and skin potion’s tomato serum (for my face). All organic and alcohol free.

    6. Mini fan

    Talking about our weather here in the Philippines and all the hormones that a pregnant woman has. haha

    7. Make up kit

    Preggy women tend to have chapped lips and just because kilay is life, so a lipbalm and a brow gel/pencil, that’s all thank you!

    8. Bra extenders

    Saved the day and saved lots of money. If you want to buy new bras, buy those that you can also use for nursing if you are planning to breastfeed.

    9. Water jug

    Hydrate hydrate hydrate

    10. Dress for all seasons

    Invest early. A lesson learned for me. It’s just on my 2nd week of breastfeeding journey that I got to realize I should have invested early on nursing clothes. Don’t just buy maternity clothes, buy those that you can use even after pregnancy (and again especially if you are planning to breastfeed).

    The one I’m wearing here is a maternity/nursing/stylish dress 🙂

    11. Preggy app

    No other than Ovia app. ❤

    12. Tums

    We were in the airport going to US when I got to learn that I am pregnant. So my first month was an acid reflux month and I thank God I got to experience it in the states because I was able to buy an alternative for it which is proven safe for pregnant women. I think you can find and order one in Lazada Philippines.

    13. Boxers

    My undies are not just for me anymore when 3rd trimester hits. It made me wear all my hubby’s boxers and it is the most comfortable thing ever. haha ssshhhh!

    14. Santizer/handwash

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness 😀

    15. Birthing and Post Partum classes

    I am a one blessed mama to exprience and attend a birthing class (find more about it here). I had a CSection birth but I went through 17 hours of painful labor so I thank God I got to knew what to do.

    Also I wish I have learned ahead of time about breastfeeding. I mean more than the proper latch and feeding on demand. As they have said motherhood is hardwork, but brestfeeding is another thing. I am just thankful for the support of of my husband and other moms who are walking with me and encourages me in this journey of nursing and mothering my baby. So if you have any opportunity to attend any birthing and post partum classes please do so 🙂

    There is so much more in a preggy momma’s list but here’s what worked best for us. Thank you to all the mommas who gave their toplists. And to the preggy moms out there or soon to be preggy, YOU GOT THIS! 🙂

    DIY Home Maternity Photoshoot

    What waiting made us do. 😊 I was 39 weeks pregnant and was really hoping to pop anytime that week. Due to boredom and (to be honest) feeling the anxieties of waiting, I told my husband that I wanted to do something productive on our rest day. I did think of a dreamy maternity shoot – all dressed up with our makeover and with all the props but we weren’t able to prioritize and prepare for it anymore. So the following monday, which is my 40th week, we called my sister (not a photographer haha), gave her a borrowed DSLR camera, my iPhone and let her do the job. For our poses, me and my husband just did what we usually do during our restdays since I got pregnant, and guess what, we had it on our own little home so it went so natural and chill. It was the most relaxed photoshoot I’ve been to (as if I’ve had a lot). 😂 I mean I’m so glad we did what we did. Nailed our “last minute” and “break the boredome” maternity shoot. You can do it on your own too! What matters is the moment and the people you are with 💗

    Best thing about it: It’s for FREE! 😉

    I learned 3 lessons as well:

    1. Just be productive while waiting. It will “surely” come. Sometimes the way you expect it, most of the time the way you don’t but better than what you expected. 😌 Naks! Haha (will I blog about waiting? Soon!)

    2. It really takes a village not only to raise a child but to create everything beautiful in life (Thanks sista for taking our photos!).

    3. Last, it doesn’t mean it’s free, it costs nothing. 😌

    Update: My baby went out the Saturday that week 💗 Enjoy viewing! 😘

    -Gia Oliva

    The most important things I’ve learned in a birthing class | First Time Mom

    One of the lessons that I thought I won’t be needing is a birthing class until I was given the opportunity to attend one. And of course as a curious momma, I’ve googled so many blogs about it here in Manila, and I just can’t figure out how it goes or what truly will I benefit from it. I am also a visual person so I wanna see pictures of how it is being held or done and still I can’t find much. So here, I tried to write this blog on my own little way with what I’ve experienced on a birthing class. 😊

    Along with the knowledge and infos, childbirth class is a wonderful way to prepare parents for one of the most awaited, life changing moments of their lives. Recently, I’ve attended Thammie Sy’s “Birthing Begginings” and now I highly encourage mom and dad-to-be’s in joining one too. 😊 Thammie Sy is a certified Doula coach and Childbirth instructor in 2017, after training with Childbirth International and the Academy for Certified Birth Educators in the US.

    If you are like me who’s also not so sure if you will benefit on a birthing class, which now I’m telling you, you will. Here are some of the many things you would feel great to learn and need to be aware of, before giving birth:

    • When is the right time to go to the hospital?
    • When to wait and when to hurry?
    • What to do and what not to do.
    • How to help baby position herself for delivery
    • Prenatal exercises
    • Coping with different stages of labor
    • Techniques for labor
    • A relaxed labor (Is it possible?)
    • Doula Care
    • When and how to decide on a certain procedure? (emergency C-section or induction)
    • Is it necessary to have epidural?
    • Being past-due
    • Creating your birth plan (what are your rights)
    • What to pack (the checklist is very helpful)
    • Postpartum Considerations
    • Breastfeeding 🤱🏻
    • Role Playing, discussions and recalls (This really helped us to apply a bit what we’ve learned 😊)

    Bit of highlights during the class:

    More than the technicalities of childbirth, it is also very important for me to be reminded of the purpose of giving birth.

    I wanna share to you some of my notes on what I really pondered when I got to process everything I’ve learned.

    Pain with a purpose.

    Labor is a real labor for moms. This is what also terrifies me whenever I think of giving birth. Every mom has a different childbirth story and I am amazed to hear each one of it. Some said no pain no gain haha I mean pain brings growth and strength. And if it takes pain for this world changer to come out and make a difference, I can say I wanna be ready and more than willing to endure it

    Giving birth is a gift

    What do we do with a gift? We receive and unwrap it with joy and excitement. I am excited for you Margaux 💗 The pain that I will be feeling cannot compare to the joy that’s coming.

    Be in faith not in fear

    Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear. -Jane Weideman

    My body is made to give birth

    Carrying a baby for more than 8mos now, I do believe that if my body is fitted for keeping this baby inside, then my body is definitely capable of pushing it out. It is not degrading to say that I am made for this because it is in pregnancy that I’ve learned so much about strength and will unfold more of it in giving birth.

    It’s okay not to be in control

    I am looking forward to a normal birth as much as possible. Go through labor and finish strong without epidural. But I won’t let myself be controlled with the thought of how I just want things to turn my way. Instead, I will do my best and surrender the rest to God all at once. In any other way, it will turn out that birth is still birth and in all ways, it is beautiful.

    A change in perspective about giving birth brought so much peace in me. As they have said “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change”. Now I just want my baby out on it’s proper time and I am thrilled to embrace her, kiss her and hold her in my arms. 😊💗

    Happy mother’s month to all the mamas and mom-to-be’s 😘 You are all my heroes and my inspiration 💗💐

    -Gia Oliva

    The Calm in Psalm 🌸

    I’ve been stuck in the book of Psalms for the past two months and I feel like hurrying up because I still need to read other books/stories in the bible.

    Yet of course I decided to stay and be patient. And as I go through it, my heart and mindset undoubtedly changed. I started to enjoy one chapter a day and indulge on each verse like I have never read it before.

    Now I’m on Psalm 45. Yes still a long way to go, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I just wanna walk slowly and know God deeply.


    It’s not always about how fast we can hear from God or how much do we know about God, but it’s about spending time with Him and letting our souls be satisfied only by Him. 💛

    Wrapped with Love

    Tis’ the season of being merry and busy but that won’t hinder us to do some labor of love for the people that are dear to us.
    I decided to wrap my simple gifts with the usual gift wrappers in a bit creative way. White ribbons made it look like more of a present which makes it exciting.
    I did put cards with words to extend my greetings. Got it from Pinterest; printed it on a velum board, cut and punched a hole on it. Voila! Let it snow ❄


    And the most important thing is to address it it with their first names making it very personal and warm. (thanks Sam for the calligraphy. Teach me please #goal2018)
    Look at those imperfectly perfect cirlcles that I’ve just cut from a white velum board 💛
    Topping it with pine leaves that I got from Tagaytay
    Not to miss out the fun, I asked some help from my sisters, so the time of wrapping became a time of bonding and laughing. 🙂
    Gifts doesn’t always need to be expensive and extravagant. It’s the thought that counts diba? So here, I also want to share to you what I got from my husband this Christmas and how joyful I am upon receiving it.
    A very cute coin purse which I badly needed because my coins are all over my bag and Im not used to wallets. And something that “makes him remember me” – a frame with a word ADVENTURE on it. He said everything had been an adventure since we’ve met and he is excited for more adventures with me for the rest of our life. Awww to my maarte heart 😜
    More than the wrapping of gifts, let us wrap around one another with love, joy and hope. Everyday is a Christmas day 😊💛  Happy Holidays everyone!
    -Gia Oliva-

    You are priceless

    Remember who you are. You are a princess and you are priceless. Be confident, walk with love and own the runways of your everyday life. Living in grace never goes out of style. 😊👸🏻💕